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Wroclaw - The Meeting Place, European Capital of Culture in 2016, the capital of Lower Silesia. In 2018, Wrocław won the European Best Destination title, winning the ranking of the best tourist destinations with Paris or Milan.

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Max Berg Hostel is an excellent base for exploring the city - close to the hostel there are many attractions of Wroclaw, including:

  • Centennial Hall, the pearl of Wrocław's modernism and the life work of Max Berg, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2006 [1,2 km],
  • the oldest zoo in Poland and one of the largest in the world [1,5 km],
  • Cathedral Island - the oldest historic part of Wrocław [700 m],
  • Old Town - one of the largest Old European markets in Europe, with several dozen historic tenement houses and the town hall in the central point. Wrocław's Market Square is also the location of the annual Christmas Fair and New Year's Eve parties [2,1 km].

Why us?

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The most important attractions of Wroclaw in close distance: Centennial Hall, Zoo, Cathedral Island, Old Town within 3 km.

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Our hostel is the only place in Wroclaw, where you can feel the atmosphere of the mysterious Breslau, known from the crime novels of Marek Krajewski.

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We renovated the object in February this year, thanks to which we are sure that we took care of the smallest details.

Our inspirations

Full of respect for the history of Wroclaw, we named the hostel after the legendary architect Max Berg.

The main idea was to put the hostel in the reality of a 20th-century city, known from the crime novels of Marek Krajewski. Breslau appears in them as a gloomy, mysterious city, whose secrets are waiting to be discovered ... Now you can feel the atmosphere yourself - the hostel's settings are decorated with graphics and quotes from Krajewski's novel.


Max Berg

Where did the name come from?

Marek Krajewski

20th century Breslau and its misterious spirit.


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